Zach Martin

A little about you:

I’m essentially from both Portland and Lexington, Kentucky. Most formatively raised in Lexington. I’ve spent a lot of my life as an ADHD kid on a sugar high chasing loud noises. I’ve pursued drumming as long as I can remember, eventually making jazz my primary area of study. Photography has been a big thing for me the past few years.

How do you help at Quartet?

I take photos of the cool guys being cool.

Creative Influences / Inspiration?

I have always looked at the style of social photographers who can make a photo into a novel. Then there are artists like Count Basie who showed me how to simplify a statement and come out with something far more profound. 

Favorite place you’ve ever skated? 

Any place I can keep up is my favorite place to skate. Most notably, those bike lanes in Copenhagen. 

What gear do you use? 

I primarily take photos with a Nikon F3. I get a huge kick out of using old point and shoots too. Mostly because the flash is outrageous.


There are so many people who have shown me tricks or thrown me hand-me-downs or given input that I adore. Anthony gave me my first point and shoot that pushed me into a weird new way of thinking. My siblings and parents for convincing me that I needed to keep doing what I do. Friends all over have given me insane amounts of energy as well as critiques that are completely priceless.

Anything Else:

I’ll have a website at some point soon to put here. But for now I’ll say that I hope you all feel the deep haus pulse in your heart.