Stephen Sturges

A little about you:

Just another guy out there taking photos and skating with his friends.

How do you help out at Quartet?

Photos and stuff.

Creative Influences / Inspiration?

Printed matter is really what gets me excited and inspires me to create. There is nothing better than a tangible photo to me. I seek creative inspiration from many various art communities but I find skateboarding to be the most ingenious. Skateboarding has introduced me to some of the most creative individuals that I have ever met and I am constantly pushed to carve out my own path within the medium. 

Favorite place you’ve ever skated? 

Barcelona is hands down my favorite place to skate. With the most spots per capita (citation needed) and the best mixture of art and culture I would say it is the most inspiring city to be in. 

What gear do you use? 

Leica, Canon, iPhone


To everyone overseas who has supported us in our travels. It wouldn't be possible without the foreign plug.

Anything Else: