Drayke Mohr

Quick background on you.

I'm from St. Helens, Oregon. Been skating since about 2 years old. Sometimes I wear a du rag and play my roommates turn table. Looking forward to skating until my legs crumble.

What’s your role at Quartet?

Ima rida.

What are your other sponsors?

The Portland wheel company, New Balance (flow), Kooks Kult

What's your favorite place you've ever skated?

I'd have to say Sweden. Sickest spots all over and rad people every where we went.

What do you have to have on a skate trip?

A zip up, blanket, a cheap ass pillow, mula and my board. Don't forget the homies!


All the family and friends. Your moms for puttin you here to read our shit. Unheard for having stuff to skate when it was whack outside and a place to meet a lot of sick people. Everyone who's ever hooked it up with product or a place to crash on the road.